Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday 19th March

Rodney Bay
St. Lucia

14 04.435 N
60 56.997 W

The day dawned and the separation of tasks began. Gerry and Dale took off into town to clear us in; they left early as the office was supposed to open at 08.00hrs. Lorie and I stayed aboard our boats. I spent the time alone doing a multitude of cleaning jobs, polished the woodwork, did the dishes, made the bed and then sat down to type up some blog notes. We had discovered the free internet connection here but it is painfully slow at loading anything so I didn’t get too much done. A couple of boat boys came by selling fruit and vegetables, I didn’t have any money as Gerry had yet to get some out at the ATM so couldn’t restock my fruit basket, still they are around every day so there will be another time. When Gerry returned he told me that the customs office hadn’t opened on time and that by the time it did open there was a rather long queue for clearing in and / or out. Once he got into the office the clearing in was pretty quick. He and Dale had also checked out where to get our propane tank refilled and where we could pick up some fresh water in our jerry can, oh and they had locater the water world chandlery. As soon as he got back Gerry collected our propane tank and water jerry can and returned to the dock to get them filled. The propane tank would need to be left for a day – we could collect it in the morning. The water can was filled immediately after some discussion – the minimum charge for water was $6 for 100 gallons and as our jerry can only holds 5 gallons it would have meant a lot of trips (plus we don’t have 100 gallons in onboard tank capacity anyway!) he ended up paying 30 cents for the 5 gallons – it was hardly worth writing out the paperwork for it! By the time he returned to the boat the second time it almost lunchtime and he had arranged with Dale to go ashore for lunch at the local Roti shop. We took separate dinks into the dock and met up for lunch, a quick browse around the souvenir shops and a longer browse around the Water world chandlery – not that they had anything we needed. We then returned to our boats, Dale and Gerry heading off with tools in hand to see if they could help Mike ( MT Nest) find what was wrong with his water maker. I spent the afternoon mending stuff on the sewing machine – seam that had come undone on clothing and Lorie’s American flag. The guys returned later in the afternoon with the news that they had been unable to solve the problem – it was going to need an expert to find and fix the problem. We agreed to go back ashore for our evening meal and arranged to go together in one dink. Just before 17.00hrs Dale and Lorie came and collected us and off we went. We had heard good reports about a tandoori restaurant a little further around the bay and decided to give the place a try. We jumped in a taxi and after a short ride were deposited outside the Razamataz tandoori restaurant. It was still a little early so we had to sit at the bar and have a drink and as it was happy hour we got 2 for the price of 1. We perused the menu whilst still sober and selected a variety of dishes, by the time we got our first course we were beginning to feel well oiled. The food was delicious, and of course we had ordered enough to feed a small army. We did our best to finish it all but I’m afraid we failed so we couldn’t have any desert. By the time we paid the bill the taxi for our return trip to the marina had arrived so we all pilled into it and were driven back to the dinghy dock. In retrospect we should have walked off some of the dinner as we didn’t sleep that well due to over full tummies. Dale dropped us off at our boat and arranged that we would collect them in the morning for the trip into town where we were going to be going on a tour of the island for the day.



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