Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tuesday 9th January

Dominican Republic

19 54.4 N
70 56.5 W

We started our day with a tidy away of things that tend to move during a trip, as we planned on leaving late this evening. The weather forecast was a little more doubtful than it had been for the past 2 days – there was a front very close behind the weather window which could make our trip very uncomfortable however we proceeded with preparations on the premise that we were going. Around mid morning we took the dink into town so we could collect our laundry, pick up some bread, read our email and have a final lunch at Steve’s place. As the laundry wasn’t quite ready we spent a little time walking around the streets seeing what there was in the town. Most of the shops seemed to close at lunchtime and observe a siesta, if in fact they actually opened before mid afternoon. With a little patience I think we could have found most things that anyone needs to survive except a replacement for our lost anchor! Anyway we headed back to Steve’s place enjoyed lunch there, chatting with a cruiser who has been here for 7 or 8 months. The subject got around to the weather – as it always seems to, and she mentioned that the other cruisers who had planned to leave in the evening had cancelled their plans due to the front that we were a bit concerned about. It was suggested that we have a chat to a guy called Jim, one of the cruisers that had cancelled his plans, as he has done this trip many times and has a great deal of knowledge about weather in the area. We thanked her for the info, bought some fillet, a cooked chicken, a dozen 7ups, paid for our laundry and then made our way back to our dink with all our stuff being carted for us in a wheelbarrow by one of Steve’s employees. We loaded the dink up and motored back out to our boat. Jim has a boat fairly close to ours and we could see that his dink was missing so we assumed he was ashore somewhere, this left us to make our own decision without anyone else’s input. We reviewed the grib chart and the forecast from the morning and came to the conclusion that whilst we might make it to the next port we would be stuck there for at least a week waiting for the next window so with some regret we decided to stay put until the next weather window – when ever that might be! The rest of the evening we spent agonizing over whether we had made the right decision, eventually accepting the fact that what we had done seemed the most appropriate thing for us. We managed a phone call to our daughter at long last it was great to talk with her even if it was only a brief call.



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