Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thursday 11th January

Dominican Republic

19 54.4 N
70 56.5 W

Wet and windy all morning. We called Handy Andy for some drinking water and to refill our propane tank which ran out yesterday. They arrived to fill the water tank in the middle of a downpour so it cost us extra because of a large tip. We stayed on board until after lunch and then the rain stopped so we took the dink and headed into town to find the bank. We had been told that the ATM works sometime and that the guard inside the bank would indicate to you if it was working by either holding his thumbs up or down. We walked the length of the main street and found the bank at the end of it, and yes the ATM was working so we put our card in the hole and low and behold the machine spat pesos at us along with a balance for our Australian bank account, and just so you know – we are millionaires in pesos! Having been successful in our banking endeavour we decided to go in search of the bakery which we’d been told about. Dodging the motor cycles and the odd truck which I’m certain was trying to mow us down, we crossed a couple of roads and sure enough found the bakery (mostly by the smell it gives off – much more pleasant than the street smell). The building looked like it was about to fall down but inside there were a couple of display cabinets with various bakery items for sale. It wasn’t exactly a Brumby’s but it was OK. We asked in halting "Spanglish" for the water rolls we had been told about, happily for us the lady behind the counter knew what we meant and we bought a dozen of them as they were fresh out of the oven whilst we stood there. They also had some multi grain rolls and some doughnuts which we bought to try. All in all we managed to spend a whopping $1.30 on 18 rolls and 2 doughnuts – better price than Brumby’s! We then made our way to Steve’s place to have a cold drink before heading back to our boat for the rest of the day. Luckily we made it back before the rain set in again. The rolls are delicious, the doughnuts are OK – nothing can compare with Krispy Kreme on that one! We spent a quiet evening onboard as we didn’t fancy going ashore in the rain.



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